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Monitoring your patients outside of institutions and clinics has never been easier working with CHS. Since one of our goals is promoting continuity of care, we make sure the treatment plans are appropriately created and properly implemented while your patients’ health status is closely monitored. We constantly re-evaluate progress in relation to their treatment goals.

CHS identifies early signs of possible setbacks to every patient’s recovery. We will provide pertinent clinical information back to the ordering physician or PCP, and will make recommendations so they can completely monitor the progress of their patients or modify treatment plans as needed.

Physicians are able to manage their patients in the community through CHS. We have a network of pharmacy and medical supply companies to provide medications or durable medical equipment right after discharge, avoiding any interruption of care. We also have an innovative system for physicians to sign orders through our web-based software, eliminating the hassle of paperwork and streamlining the implementation of care.




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